As of today, March 12, 2020 HNLF has not had any known reported cases of COVID-19 of our members of the gym. We started implementing measures a couple of weeks ago of increased proactive cleaning of the following:

    • Daily (multiple) cleaning and wiping down of machines and cardio equipment with a disinfectant. Have you met Diego and Yami? They have been champs!
    • Additional hand sanitizer and ERC disinfectant wipes for personal use while working out
    • Twice daily mopping of the bathrooms and continuous wiping down of sink area

The gym is cleaned nightly by a professional cleaning company and floors are mopped and doors and windows are wiped down.

We ask you to do your part in helping us stay open.

    • Please do not come to the gym if you are sick (in any way)– stay home and get well!
      Wash your hands, wash your hands and wash your hands……..we know you’re tired of this but it works!
    • Feel free to grab a wipe and use it while you work out.
      Cover your mouth with elbow or a towel/tissue if you sneeze/cough
      If you have traveled to an area that has had community spread and/or known contact with a positive coronavirus case – please consider self-quarantining. We don’t want to close!

Exercising, eating well and getting a good night’s sleep is known to help boost one’s immune system. We will do our part to help with the facility for exercising, please do your part in maintaining your health and we will all get through this together.

Thank you for your patronage and may we all stay well.